Telecommunications & Radio communication

The group focused on consulting, designing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining telecommunication networks by employing experienced ICT experts. It should be noted, however, that the readiness to implement telecommunication and communications projects on a regional scale is ready Announces district and local

Consulting and Design

Consulting and design of VHF, UHF radio networks

Consulting, designing and operating telecommunication sites in different capacities

Consulting, designing and implementing crisis management systems and equipment Repeaters, etc

Consulting, design and implementation of telecommunication towers inhibitory, self-standing, tactical

Consulting and implementation of telecommunication system telecommunication system

Solar energy support consulting

Obtain, extend and upgrade a radio communication network operation license

Specialized Repair unit

Repair of all types of fixed, mobile and manual wireless and all related


Repair of all types of linear power supply and switching

Accurate tuning of duplicator repeaters

Maintenance of Radio Systems

Maintenance of radio networks and related equipment in the form of annual contracts Included





Visit and periodic service

Supply Telecommunication Equipment

Radio Portable, Mobile, Station, Repeater


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